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Fannafold 179
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The station offers all sizes of transport cars and is determined to provide reliable, secure and above all quality service to buisnesses and indivituals.

The fleet is varied and the drivers have knowlidge and experience in transporting, distribution and any situation that may come up regarding the logistics and transportation.

Ve have all the necessary equipment needed to transport the products, vihecles, goods and machinery, we use each tool in our arsenal as it is requierd.


Iveco Euro Cargo

Vihecle transport

We accept many complicated tasks as we have diverse experience from many years of hard work, on the picture to your right we are on location with two new cars.

We take the most care as we carefully load and unload the cars on specially made ramps, making it possible to do it anywhere.

Our cars are used as carriers and workshops to undertake repairs, tire change and cleaning of the show cars and we have all the tools needed for such work, many years of experience has tought us to have all that is needed to the suprise of many customer we have worked for.
Vihecle Transport
On Location


We also offer a car with a crane for transport of all kinds of machines and tractors, loading and unloading on site (when the product has wheels)

This van is of the type Iveco Euro Cargo 15 tons "8 tons max" the car is equipped with container locking mechanism so that it can be transformed into having a crane and platform in a few minutes, the crane is 9.5 ton/m wcich is verysuitable for all small lifting.

The crane is 14 meters long ans it fits very well in loading and unloading of up to 2500kg objects.